The History of NATO Watch Straps

NATO Straps

The History of NATO Watch Straps

Here we are talking about one of the most popular and versatile kinds of watch straps, known as the “NATO Straps”. The history of NATO Watch Straps is very interesting indeed. It wasn’t invented for fashion means. Rather it had some different purposes.

A NATO watch strap is still very much popular among fashion enthusiasts. Moreover, a NATO watch strap is believed to be the most comfortable watch strap ever made. This strap can fit in almost all sorts of watches. For instance: Analog, Digital, or even Mechanical Watches. In this article, we will represent the interminable history of NATO watch straps.

How is a NATO strap made?

NATO straps are usually made from a long piece of Nylon fabric. The long piece is attached with an additional piece of strap to add extra wrist security. Both of the pieces are made using nylon.

Nylons are exceptionally strong and flexible. If it is compared with polyester then nylons can easily beat it. Nylons have far-fetched toughness and abrasion resistance. They are washable too. All the features present in nylon make it the best material for watch straps. Because everyone would want their watch strap to survive in any condition and also for the long run.


History of NATO watch straps

NATO watch strap is an iconic watch strap and it has an iconic history too. In recent times, the popularity of NATO straps has been all the buzz in the whole watch industry.

The root of NATO watch straps is mainly found in the military. It was founded by the British Ministry of Defence Standard in 1973. The NATO watch strap was first introduced as G10 straps. Because, to get a strap, a soldier had to sign up on a form called G1098. Later it was named after the form.

At that time, NATO straps used to come in one single variant. At 20mm, it used to come in one color and not in a multitude of designs. NATO straps are capable of handling harsh climates like the continuously changing weather of Ireland, Scotland, and Britain.

At Present

We all know that military standards have set the benchmark for purely functional design and we often refer to them when we actually need them.

Over time, the NATO strap style has gotten into the regular style of people and is increasingly popular today. No matter what the occasion is, you can always put on a NATO strap along with your watch. NATO’s original purpose is to serve as a reliable piece of equipment in daily life.

In this present time, people are concerned about where they are putting their money. So, besides fashion, they will of course look at the quality and there is no question about military items. NATO straps carry a classic look that can fit almost any outfit with extreme toughness. Therefore, NATO straps can be called a good value for money.


The James Bond NATO Strap

NATO straps were always a classic pick by watch enthusiasts. But it mostly created hype right after it was used in the James Bond movie.

NATO straps were seen in 1964’s Goldfinger (James Bond) movie. From then it created hype that made people fall for NATO straps. The NATO strap that James Bond used was black with two green stripes and with red borders. Sean Connery, who played the role of James Bond in Goldfinger, used the strap on a Rolex Submariner. From then, the NATO strap got another name from spy lovers. It is also known as the “Bond NATO”.


NATO Straps in the Modern Days

NATO straps are undoubtedly a popular choice for everyone. It is fashionable and durable at the same time. The value of classic items is always on top and people usually fall in love with the classic look of a NATO strap. Mostly because of their look and stiffness, NATO straps are still competing with expensive watch straps. Here are some suggested watch straps that you can use with almost every watch.

NATO Watch Straps for all Watches

These watch straps can fit with all watches. You might be wondering, “How can a casual-looking watch strap fit with a formal watch dial?” Well, in that case, you have an option. You can try out the leather NATO watch straps. It will suit well with formal outfits undoubtedly.

history of NATO watch straps

The history of the NATO strap tells us how precious it is. It actually came out for a need, not for a fashion item. But later the priority changed to fashion besides need. A NATO strap can last longer than expected. It is a true value-for-money thing. So there is no reason that you shouldn’t get a NATO strap. Buying a NATO strap would change your whole fashion taste and experience surely.