Find Out about Unique Textured Straps

Find Out About Unique Textured Straps

We have spent a lot of time informing our customers about all the wonderful colors and materials featured in our high quality replacement watch Unique Textured Straps.  However, we would be remiss if we neglected to tell you about an additional element of choice that you can explore in your next replacement watch band purchase.

What are we talking about?  Clockwork Synergy has a wide array of textured straps in a wide variety of colors to suit any work or play environment.  The textured straps mimic the feeling of various animal skins, adding a little depth to your outfit.  What makes a textured replacement watch strap so special?  It’s eye-catching and distinguishable from a lot of the more “standard” watch straps you might find online.  Not sure what we mean?  Let’s take a look.

Croc Grain Leather Unique Textured Straps

Our Croco Leather Bands are among our best sellers on a consistent basis.  Croco Watch Bands have the same look and feel as crocodile’s skin, featuring a deliberately rough, scaled appearance.  The result is a randomly-patterned, almost armored look that looks every bit like genuine crocodile leather.  The best part, however, is that our “Croco” straps achieve this look without taking on the characteristic high price tag of genuine crocodile leather.  This means you can exude a look at class, status, and wealth without breaking the bank.

Lizard Grained Leather Unique Textured Straps

Similar to our “Croco” line of watch straps is our Lizard Leather line.  The “Lizard” line features a scaly, armored texture reminiscent of the animal skin it tries to mimic.  The difference is that the “Lizard” straps tend to be more finely detailed, with smaller scales and intentional imperfections that make it seem like you are staring at an iguana or other similar lizard.  And again, like the “Croco” line, these features are done through a special proprietary manufacturing process, and not with the skins of the actual animal it is trying to resemble.  Once again, you get the look without the added cost.

Snake Skin Grained Leather Unique Textured Straps

The third and final of our textured leather Unique Textured Straps line of straps is the Snakeskin line.  As you might guess, the loose, rounded diamond pattern on this type of strap mimics the characteristic texture of snake skin.  If you’ve ever been in the woods and discovered a discarded snake skin once the snake was done shedding, or if you’ve ever felt genuine snake skin leather boots, you might remember this distinctive texture.  The best part is that it looks every bit as classy and sophisticated as the “Croco” and “Lizard” straps, and is available in the same wide variety of colors to suit every taste.

So if you need a little reptile in your repertoire, Clockwork Synergy’s textured leather straps are a great way to sport an extra dimension of class.  For that matter, we hear all the time that they make wonderful conversation starters!  If this sounds appealing to you, check out our inventory of textured straps and “Instantly add a little class to your wardrobe!”