Watches Under $100 (Our Favorite Picks)

Whether you are someone interested in stepping into the world of watches, or if you are already an aficionado, there are watches out there for everyone. Many newcomers may be cautious because they may be intimidated by the high price point of brands like Rolex or Panerai. Luckily there are so many watch brands out there of great quality with more affordable options.

We asked our team to share their favorite recommendations for watches of great style, comfort, and quality for less than a hundred dollars.

Invicta 0368 – $89.00

If you are seeking a masculine watch with great texture and detail without being too flashy, this Invicta model is perfect. Complete with a carbon-fiber textured face and Gunmetal-colored steel, this piece adds a great touch of detail, yet is not overpowering due to its monochrome color scheme.

Daniel Wellington – $84.99

Soaring in popularity in the past few years (especially on Instagram), watch lovers of all ages are attracted to this brand due to its simplistic and timeless look. Incredibly thin with only the logo taking up the face, the lack of numbers give this watch that desired minimalistic look.

Timex Weekender Fairfield – $65.00

If you love the simplistic look of Daniel Wellington but don’t want to hand over the cash, a great substitute is The Fairfield by Timex. The Weekender line by Timex already has a reputation for being one of the best lines offering exceptional quality as well as affordability. Due to its timeless simplicity, the Fairfield allows unlimited choices of watch straps to pair with it.

Timex Weekender – $40.00

While on the subject of Timex, we also wanted to share another Weekender model, which was one of the originals of their series. For a very affordable price you can own a watch with a classic appearance that is a great go-t- piece, knowing you have durability and quality on your side with a brand like Timex.

Raketa Big Zero – $50-$100.00

While owning a Russian watch like the Raketa may not be the first brand to cross your mind, try this vintage piece a try! This watch makes a big statement while using very little. Only four large numbers are shown on the face, with round triangles as the other markers. You will be able to find these types of vintage pieces on eBay, but there are so many similar but unique faces to choose from (hence the given price range depending on what details you are interested in).

Seiko 5 -$53.00

And last but not least, we just had to throw a Seiko into the mix! The Seiko 5 is perfect for those who want to wear a watch but have no clue what they would like to try first. The mix of the hour and minute dashes add a unique tough, and similar to the Invicta this piece has great detail without being too flashy. Versatile for almost any occasion, you can never seem to go wrong with Seiko.

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